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... provided by the Steinkühler Group

The Steinkühler Group consists of the following companies: Spedition STR gewerblicher Güterkraftverkehr GmbH & Co. KG, G. Steinkühler Transporte GmbH, SCL Silolager and Container-Logistik GmbH, and Steinkühler Silo-Tankwagen Innenreinigung GmbH.

Those four companies combine the perfect interaction between forwarding, transport, interim storage and cleaning.

As a business that is working all over Europe the Steinkühler Group specialises in the transport of liquid, powdered and packaged products. Above all we established ourselves in the demanding food sector and branches connected to it.

Being an owner-operated company we focus on reliability, competence, quality and sustainability. A great number of certificates in all areas are evidence of our goal to satisfy highest customer requirements – in four locations all over Germany.
Halal Zertifikat

Steinkühler cleaning systems certified to Halal

All four cleaning locations of the Steinkühler group have been allowed to perform and certify cleaning procedures in Halal since 13.02.2019.The cleaning locations were tested by means of a rigorous test procedure including auditing. We will be able to certify Halal cleanings (ECD code P27) in the future. If you have any questions, please contact our Head of Cleaning Mr. Köbbe or our Head of Quality Mr. Jungnickel.

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