Our vehicle fleet

Modern. Reliable. Consistent.

Our modern fleet consists of over 300 tractors and over 400 trailers. These include tank, silo, tarpaulin and slurry trailers as well as silo and tank containers. This selection of different means of transport enables us to react perfectly and flexibly to your needs.

Efficient loading and unloading systems, noise-reduced, air-cooled compressors, sterile filter systems and product-related use of the transport containers are just as much a matter of course for us as observing environmentally friendly aspects. For example, all our vehicles comply with the particularly low-emission Euro 6 standard.

Our in-house workshop

To ensure the best condition of our fleet, we not only rely on manufacturer maintenance contracts for our tractor units, but also on professional maintenance and repair from our own hands. The specialists in our own workshops at the Rheine and Barby locations guarantee a top-maintained fleet and thus a safe and on-time operation of your goods transport.