The Steinkühler SCL Silolager und Containerlogistik GmbH...


...offers a lot of room for flexibility.

At our location in Krefeld it is possible for you to set up a buffer by stockpiling.

Because "Just-in-time" is not always the best solution in goods traffic.


The highes form of store-keeping is achieved by our tower silos.. With over 22 m total height the 12 aluminum containers provide sufficient space for interim storage. More than 3800m³ can be stored here. The whole facility offers full access for the transportation units and ensures quick and easy loading and unloading of the vehicle units.


With our 1000 m² dry stores we additionally have a classical interim storage site. That makes the process of ensilage possible.


Goods are being delivered e. g. in Big Bags and loaded on silo trucks.


That way we function as a "subcontractor" for the industry and offer a maximum of flexibility.

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