Plenty of room for flexibility

At our locations in Krefeld and Rheine, we not only offer you the possibility of creating a buffer by stockpiling, but also professional product handling. This includes, among other things, the transfer of BigBags and bags into silo trains as well as the filling of loose goods into BigBags. We understand that "just-in-time" is not always the best solution in freight transport and therefore offer flexible and individual logistics solutions. Our experienced employees ensure that your goods are transported safely and efficiently.



Our silo or tank containers are ideal for the short- and medium-term storage of free-flowing and liquid products. This is because the goods remain in the container and are thus ready for quick and easy handling at any time.

Reachstacker is available for this purpose in our own container depot. This container stacker can handle 20-, 30- and 40-foot containers up to a total weight of 36t. Thus we offer you a maximum of flexibility.

DSC 2595

High silo facilities

Storage at its best is offered by our high silo facility. With a total height of over 22m, the 12 aluminum bins offer sufficient space for temporary storage. More than 3800m³ can be stored here. The completely under-ride facility ensures quick and easy loading and unloading of the vehicle units.

Hochragal 3

Dry storage

For the storage of palletized goods, 3500 m² of dry storage are available at each of the locations in Rheine (NonFood) and Krefeld (NonFood + Food).

BigBag Silierung mit Personal

Product handling

We offer a wide range of product handling, including food and non-food products. We take care of filling, decanting and ensiling your goods as well as sieving. Furthermore, we offer services such as repacking, palletizing, labeling and wrapping to ensure that your products can be transported safely and quickly.