D-14979 Großbeeren

Interior Cleaning Plant For Silo and Tank Vehicles


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Großbeeren – state of the art interior cleaning plant for silo and tank vehicles

Our branch in Großbeeren was built and put into operation in 2011/2012 by Steinkühler.

The interior cleaning plant for silo and tank vehicles that is located in Großbeeren is specialised in cleaning food and food related products.

State of the art technology ensures a thorough, quick and Eco-Friendly cleaning of the interior. Naturally for all these processes the renowned quality of Steinkühler is ensured.

Just like all our cleaning plants this cleaning plant is verified by certificates and a ECD (European Cleaning Document) can be presented on demand.


Firmengruppe Steinkühler

Märkische Allee 30

14979 Großbeeren

Phone: +49 (0) 33701 - 7433 0

Fax: +49 (0) 33701 - 7433 25

Email: großbeeren@steinkuehler-spedition.de

Web: www.steinkuehler-spedition.de

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