Bulk and tank cleaning

Steinkühler bulk and tank cleaning


Cleanliness is the alpha and omega

Particularly in the food logistics market cleanliness has an important role. In order to ensure cleanliness we established our own cleaning facilities for silo trailers, tank trailers and IBCs at our four branches – Rheine, Krefeld, Barby and Großbeeren.

These state of the art facilities makes a reliable, thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning of not only our vehicles possible, but also of external ones.


Certified quality

Steinkühler is a member of the German Tank Cleaning Association  ( Deutscher Verband für Tankinnenreinigung e. V. - DVTI) and issues the European Cleaning Document (ECD), which guarantees a residue-free cleaning.

Furthermore our cleaning facilities are certified in accordance to SQAS, HACCP and DIN ISO 9001:2008. By means of steam boilers we are also able to offer kosher cleaning.

Liste Reinigungsanlagen

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