Truck fleet - Our vehicle fleet - Modern. Highly efficient. Reliable.

The flagship of every forwarding agency is its vehicle fleet...


… that's why we at Steinkühler deploy only state of the art vehicles and use the most efficient equipment.

Our modern vehicle fleet consists of over 300 tractor units and more than 400 trailers. Among them are tank, silo, curtain and slurry trailers, as well as silo containers. That selection of various transport possibilities enables us to answer your needs in a flawless and flexible manner.


Streamlined load/unload systems, acoustically insulated and air-cooled compressors, sterile filter systems and product-related use of the transport containers are just as obvious for us as the attention to environmental friendliness. For instance, all our vehicles correspond to the low-emission Euro-6-standards.

Flotte Autobahn  

Silo trailer

A variety of silo trucks enables us to be highly flexible and is the perfect transportation unit for your products.

Tank trailer

Our tank trucks are outfitted with diverse equipment which makes it possible to use them for transportation of a variety of food stuffs.

Curtain trailer

In the area of curtain trailers we utilise conventional curtain trailers, as well as mega-curtain-trailers with a load height of,
3 m.
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